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Best Websites For Short-Term Housing

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Finding short-term housing is one of the biggest issues that medical professionals face when considering travel therapy. For some, the fear of not being able to find temporary housing is enough to keep them from even giving the travel lifestyle a try.

However, because of how popular it's becoming for business personnel, healthcare workers, and other professionals to travel for work, the short-term rental market is hopping. While every site and website has different features and quirks, they all provide the same service - temporary housing for working professionals.

If you're a healthcare worker, business associate, insurance adjuster, or another working professional who travels for weeks or months at a time, you've come to the right place. This article will examine the best short-term rental sites out there to give you the best chance of finding temporary housing.

What Are My Short-Term Housing Options?

The beauty of short-term rentals is that anyone can rent out any type of property for as long as they like. From beach houses and entire homes to hotels or individual rooms within a home, property owners can rent out whatever they like. Here are the most common options you have to choose from with short-term rental properties.

Entire Home

If you enjoy privacy and having your own space, renting an entire home is the best option. However, it's also the most expensive and often costs two or three times more than an individual room or one section of a house. Renting an entire house or apartment is also your best option if you like amenities like laundry facilities, a kitchen, and other perks.


If all you care about is saving money, renting an individual room is the way to go. Typically when you rent a room, the homeowner will respect your space and allow you to make it your own. When possible, they may even supply your room with certain amenities such as a coffee maker, hot plate, and more.

You may also have access to the kitchen, a bathroom, laundry facilities, and additional services. However, it all depends on the terms of your renter and their preferences.


While it might not seem like the swankiest option, hotels are actually a fairly popular option for short-term renting. Hotels are available through sites like Furnished Finder, but they're also available exclusively through the hotel's website.

The downside of extended-stay hotel rooms is that it's tough to make them feel like home, and you might struggle to settle in. Hotels also tend to be pricier than other short-term rental options. The upside, however, is that hotels often come with great perks.

Depending on the hotel in question, you might have access to a pool, spa, gym, free breakfast, and cleaning services, and you'll always have laundry facilities close by.

Guest House

Another popular rental option is for property owners to rent out their guest houses or private apartments. Some owners even build guest houses and additional living facilities for the express purpose of short and long-term renting. Guest houses and private apartments are available on most long-term rental sites as well as vacation rental websites.

6 Best Websites For Temporary Housing

Now that you have a good idea of what types of housing options you have to choose from, let's look at the websites that offer them.

Furnished Finder

If you're only going to use one short-term rental site, I would recommend Furnished Finder. Furnished Finder is the leading website for medium to long-term stays. Most of the lodging options on Furnished Finder require minimum stays of 2 to 4 weeks, but there are a few options that only require one week. While it started as a website specifically to help travel nurses, Furnished Finder is open to all traveling professionals

We have used Furnished Finder on several occasions, and they always have decent options to choose from. While certain areas don't have as many homes as others, Furnished Finder is a rapidly growing site, and new properties are getting added daily.

Unlike vacation rental sites, Furnished Finder is geared toward traveling professionals. As such, they only allow property listings that are completely or partially furnished, and you typically don't have to bring anything with you except for your toiletries and personal effects. There also aren't any service fees!

The only downside of Furnished Finder is that the booking process is a little wonky. Rather than simply reserving a property, you need to submit a Housing Request, wait for the homeowner to respond, and work out an agreement with them. While the process is usually quick and painless, sometimes you'll get a homeowner that waits several days to

respond or who isn't overly tech-savvy.


  • No booking or service fees

  • A wide range of housing options to choose from

  • Affordable housing options

  • Fully furnished with everything you need to live comfortably

  • Pet-friendly properties


  • The website could be more user friendly

  • The booking process is somewhat lengthy

Air BnB

Although it's often thought of as one of the best VACATION rental sites in the world, Air BnB is starting to offer much more. In addition to short-term stays of two days or less, Air BnB also offers long-term rentals. Aside from Furnished Finder, I would have to say that Air BnB is easily the best booking website if you want a furnished rental for long-term housing.

Since they've been around for a long time, Air BnB also has the booking process down to a science. You can quickly and easily make reservations without difficulty and with little to no communication with owners or property managers. We have used them once to book a long-term stay, and they have a wide variety of housing options to choose from, including private rooms, hotels, entire homes, RV sites, and more.

The main reason we don't use Air BnB more is because of the outrageous booking fee, service fees, and additional fees. These fees can easily add hundreds of dollars per month and can turn a reasonable price into one that's unaffordable.


  • Lots of rental property options

  • Pet-friendly properties

  • Long-term rentals are usually fully furnished


  • Properties tend to be pricy

  • Homes aren't always furnished

  • Lots of additional fees


VRBO is another popular vacation rental site that's starting to get into the long-term housing market. Because it's newer to the game than Furnished Finder and Air BnB, VRBO is playing from behind and doesn't have quite as many long-term rental options as the first two sites.

However, VRBO is quickly making up ground and is adding new long-term properties to its site daily. As with Air BnB, the booking process with VRBO is quick and easy, but it can also be expensive, thanks to all the service fees involved.


  • Easy booking process

  • Friendly cancellation policy

  • Most of the properties are entire homes


  • Expensive rentals plus service fees

  • Not a ton of long-term housing options


It wasn't that long ago when Facebook was the social media center of the world. Although it's since been dethroned by Instagram, Tik Tok, and Twitter, Facebook remains a relevant platform for buying, selling, and renting.

While they don't have a designated area to search for long-term rentals, there's a good chance that there are at least one or two options in your area. These can typically be found on Marketplace or by searching for local groups, such as The Gypsy Nurse Group.

However, Facebook is an unregulated and unmonitored site when it comes to housing rentals. As such, it operates mostly on the trust system, and you'll need to take protective measures to avoid scams and mishaps.


  • Fairly affordable rental options when they're available

  • No booking or service fees

  • Prices and conditions are negotiable


  • Unregulated and unpoliced

  • There's a potential for scams

  • Housing options aren't always available

In terms of which of these travel housing websites is the most underrated, it would definitely have to be Until I started doing research for this article, I had never heard of Now that I'm familiar with it, however, I can assure you that we'll be using it in the future. is a great site for both renters and tenants who are looking to lease or rent a property. The site is very much a free-for-all, similar to Furnished Finder, in that each property owner can set their own rates, terms, conditions, and minimum stay requirements. You can find rentals for anywhere from a day to a decade using

Having said that, most of the properties I've seen thus far are fairly expensive. There's also no guarantee that the property in question will come fully or partially furnished or not at all. As such, it will be necessary to do your research if you're thinking about renting or subletting a property on


  • The site is easy to navigate

  • Lots of housing options

  • Great for those looking to rent or lease a property


  • Fairly expensive

  • The site has a history of credit card problems during transactions

Short Term Housing

Short-Term Housing is one of the newer and lesser-known short-term housing websites. As the name implies, however, it's all about short-term housing and requires stays of at least one month. The site operates by offering direct leases that you book through the website rather than individual property owners.

Additionally, rather than searching for properties yourself, you enter your information into their database, and they find a list of properties in your area. Because of how new the site is, there aren't a ton of rental options, and most of the options that are available are in larger cities. It also only offers luxurious housing options, which means that the properties tend to cost more.


  • Easy to navigate since you don't have to manually search for properties

  • Geared towards healthcare and corporate housing

  • Beautiful, luxurious, and fully furnished properties


  • The most expensive option on this list

  • Limited options in select areas

Final Thoughts About Short-Term Housing Websites

In addition to these short-term housing websites, you can also check with hotels and rental agencies specific to your area. You also have the option of using Extended Stay America if you're ok living in a hotel room.

Regardless of what route you decide to go, we recommend checking the listings on multiple sites rather than fixating on just one. You might be able to find a deal on Furnished Finder or VRBO that isn't on Air BnB or However, if you're completely new to traveling for work and don't want to check too many sites, Furnished Finder and Air BnB are your best options.

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