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RV and Travel Tips for Life on the Road

We've found that preparation and planning are the keys to having a smooth and successful trip. We've also found that no matter how much planning and preparation you do, life is unpredictable when you live in an RV. Hopefully, by sharing some of our experiences and the lessons we've learned, we can help you have a smoother journey. 

Living the RV Life

Making the transition to living in an RV was a challenge but one of the best decisions we've ever made. While the toughest part is having limited space and a million things you want to bring with you, there are plenty of other obstacles we've faced.


To learn more about potential obstacles, RV storage tips, and other information about RV-living, check out the blogs below. 


RV Living Isn't Always Ideal, But It's Our Way of Life

We get it. Living in an RV certainly isn't for everyone. We weren't sure if it was right for us at first, either. However, now that we've been doing it for 2+ years, we couldn't imagine it any other way. If you're thinking about making a similar transition and want to make the most of your experience, check out our blogs below about RV living, renovations, and other essential details. 


What About When the Camper Isn't an Option?

While we always prefer to stay in our camper, there have been a few times when that simply wasn't an option. However, rather than letting that slow us down, we simply turn to lodging options such as Furnished Finder and Airbnb. 

I'll share a number of blogs based on our personal experiences about how to choose the right housing accommodations and what to look for when choosing a temporary home. 

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